The Pudding Pick: Le Barricou

The Pudding Pick: Le Barricou

We all have favorites. Everyone has something to offer and we should all try new things and all that — but let’s be real. There are those movies, stores, ice cream flavors we always gravitate back to. For me, one of those things is Le Barricou, a local french bistro I can’t seem to quit, and the first addition to our Pudding Picks series, featuring our local addictions we hope will soon become your own. Without further ado, here are eight reasons Le Barricou is on our all-time, pants-down best of Brooklyn list:

1) The Pancakes
There are pancakes and then there are THESE pancakes, the upper-case version of pancakes. I don’t know how they do it and I don’t care to guess, but there is some pancake voodoo happening in that kitchen and these things come out like fluffly, crisp-edged monoliths. I dare you to finish two.

2) The Back Room
Most venues would raise an eyebrow should you roll in with a party of six, sans reservation, but Barricou is blessed with a large back dining room, complete with large corner tables and some cozy sofas.

3) The Fireplace
If you’re lucky enough to be seated back there, you’re in for an extra treat. The second the temp dips below 50, Barricou’s management gets this old cast-iron relic stoked with tiny logs, filling the place with a cozy vibe and crisp, autumnal scent (that goes great with a glass of red wine). You feel like you’re in a backwoods cafe, but in the French backwoods.

4) The Hours
Forget waiting until 11am (or noon) for your bacon and bloody mary. For us early risers (well, early-ish), Le Barricou is open at 10am. Get there before the regular rush and you’ll be seated right away — alongside the one or two tables of visiting moms taking their wayward twentysomethings out for a hot meal. They’ve got the night owls covered too, serving up a late-night menu until 2am.

5) The Dinner Vibe
This might not be a first date place (after all, who can eat on a first date?). But with it’s dark, candle-lit lighting, cozy corner tables, and ample red wine selection, Barricou should be on your radar right around date #3. You know. That date.

6) The Cocktails
All classics, no crazy twists. Trust us — order a Blood & Sand followed by a View Carre and you won’t be missing those molecular infusions down the street.
7) The Absinthe
Looking to go even more old school? Wander down the drink menu to the Absinthe Drip menu and see what all the fuss is about.

8) The Location
Far from the madding crowd of Bedford and Lorimer, Le Barricou is parked on the slightly less madding crowd of Grand St. Sure, there’s plenty of car traffic, but a lot less competition on the sidewalk. For a main thoroughfare, this block is surprisingly mellow on a Saturday night.

Le Barricou
533 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 782-7372


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